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CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free (Bulk Orders 10 or 25 units)

CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free (Bulk Orders 10 or 25 units)

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  • Easy to use dissolvable dental strip
  • Designed to provide immediate and long-lasting dental sensitivity relief
  • Provides tooth remineralization support
  • Safe and effective
  • MRP $ 39.99

How it works:

  • Dental strips contain natural minerals, calcium, and phosphate, stabilized with modified starch particles
  • Strips adhere comfortably to your teeth, where they dissolve in saliva
  • The mineral-loaded starch particles are targeted into dentin and enamel porosities
  • Natural enzymes in saliva release the calcium and phosphate from the particles
  • These minerals then create hydroxyapatite, a key component of dentin and tooth enamel
  • Deposited hydroxyapatite physically blocks exposed dentinal tubules and porosities in enamel, the causes of dental sensitivity
  • Novel, patented technology targets the particles deep into the dentin tubules for intra-tubular mineralization and penetrate into subsurface enamel porosities, mitigating future acidic or mechanical attacks
  • Result is effective and long-lasting dental sensitivity relief


  • 14 dissolvable dental strips, packaged in easy-to-use sleeves for once or twice daily treatment as needed.

Dentist recommended to:

  • relieve dental sensitivity, even on the go!
  • promote tooth remineralization
  • strengthen enamel
  • help prevent enamel demineralization, which causes cavities

Additional Facts:

  • Natural; “From the Earth”
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free 
  • Fluoride-Free
  • No Artificial Coloring
  • No SLS
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